KIRVAD TOUR offers you with the trusted car rental service RENT A CAR.
The company thus provides customers with easy passenger car access to at the lowest possible price.
You will save time and money from the start by calling one company. Our team is always ready to find and
to provide the best services at the best prices. Providing simple, fast and cheap services is
priority for us.

For RENT A CAR service you can contact us at 0740.531.135,
seven from seven days. As soon as possible, we will set up a meeting at our headquarters in Bulevardul
Tomis, Nr. 238, Dacia area
. Please insist on the terms and conditions of this service. Thank you and we are waiting for you!


Terms and conditions

  • The rpices applied by KIRVAD TOUR are among the lowest on
             market and start at 35 euros depending on the category of car.
  • Minimum age for rent is 21 years old and a senior driving license of
             minimum 1 year.
  • Necessary documents: driving license, passport or valid identity card.
  • Payment is done in full before signing the lease. Payment will be made in
             cash at the exchange rate displayed by the National Bank of Romania, the current day or by bank transfer to the company account
             mentioned in the contract. When signing the contract, the rental fee will be paid as well
             the value of the guarantee, as the case may be.
  • Guarantee will be returned within 48 hours after the car has been handed over
             perfect operation.
  • Returning the car early on will not allow the tenant to recover any part
                 of the amount of money
    , outside the warranty.
  • Crossing the border is strictly forbidden.
  • Insurance: Car rental includes RCA and CASCO.

The Customer is responsible for all damages if they were caused by:

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Avoiding Alcohol Testing by Organs in Law.
  • Use of the vehicle for illicit / illegal purposes (eg, theft, robbery, illegal transport of goods or objects,
  • If the car is driven by unauthorized person, under-age, undeclared,
             not listed in the rental agreement, etc.
  • If car papers and keys were left in the car at the time of theft.
  • Not presenting to the police in the event of any damage to the car during the rental,
             to obtain a verbal record (including alcoholism), as well as an authorization
In the above mentioned cases, the customer undertakes to pay the full value of the damages produced.

Taking over and handing over the car.

  • The car is taken over by the customer with the full tank in perfect working order, to be taught
             in the same state.
  • No repairs or interventions are allowed on the vehicle during the rental period, the customer being
             forced to notify the hiring agent as a matter of urgency, which undertakes to take troubleshooting measures.

The Company reserves the right to refuse the rental of any car requested by telephone if at the meeting
     the customer’s representative has a suspicion of the stated purpose of the lease or a
     the authenticity of the documents submitted.

Road tax (ROVIGNETA) is included in the rental price.

The car is equipped with: key machine, reflector triangle, extinguisher and fluorescent vest, certified by
     registration, radio cassette, spare wheel, tires according to the season.