Transfer – Dacia Logan sau Logan MCV


de la 400 lei / pe sens / 3 locuri

Transfer – Volkswagen Passat B8, B7 sau Skoda Superb


de la 470 lei / pe sens / 3 locuri

Transfer VIP – Mercedes E Class sau BMW Seria 5


de la 560 lei / pe sens / 3 locuri

Transfer 7 – Mercedes Vito


de la 650 lei / pe sens / 7 locuri

Transfer VIP – Mercedes V Class


900 lei / pe sens / 7 locuri

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Why choose an airport transfer service?

If you are not fully convinced of this, below are some of the reasons why you should resort to such an airport transfer service.

It is exclusive

When you use public transport, you share the car with many other people. Seats, air conditioning and luggage space are not always provided for you. With airport transfer services, travel from the airport is more convenient and pleasant. You have the right to a comfortable place and you have enough space to relax at will. Moreover, you have a clean trip, facilitated by air conditioning or heating system.

Travel in style

Nothing is more important than the feeling you have when you leave the airport and are welcomed by someone dear. Having a driver waiting for you at the arrivals gate is not only convenient, but makes you feel important. You will no longer wait in line to buy your ticket and wait no more at the bus station until your bus arrives. The inside of a Kirvad vehicle is very clean, and the journey to the destination will be comfortable.

Safety first

When it comes to public transport, everyone is on their own, both regarding their own person and their luggage. The Kirvad airport transfer company puts passenger safety first. Therefore, each driver makes sure that you reach your destination safely and that you feel safe throughout the trip.

Fast and prompt

Nor is there any doubt that a private airport transfer service is faster. Firstly, it waits for you when you land and, secondly, it takes you directly to your destination. You’ll save a lot of time. The driver is familiar with the road and the routes
 and knows how to shorten the trip and how to avoid traffic. Breaks during trips are as requested by the passenger, wherever the car can be parked safely and conveniently.

You have every reason to travel by private transport. It is a practical and comfortable option that perfectly complements your trip. Kirvad offers trips at great prices.