Other Services – Kirvad Tour

If you have business or just touristic trips, the best solution is to call a travel company or travel agency. KIRVAD TOUR provides you the best safety and comfort to any destination, with all the benefits offered by this system, with scheduled or unscheduled stops on the route.

Our company offers you:

  • Experience in the field.
  • Cars, minibuses and coaches with different transport capacities: 4, 8, 16, 19 and 49 seats.
  • A modern and technological comfort and also safety systems.
  • Personalized offers for groups, families, institutions, business people.
  • Possibility of discounts depending on the duration and length of the trip.
  • A young and dynamic, but experienced team.
  • Rent cars, minibuses, coaches.

Call us with confidence for any kind of travel. We offer multiple solutions for large and small groups of people, cars, minibuses, comfortable coaches, prestigious brands such as Mercedes, from 8 to 48 seats. So we can easily adapt to any group, making sure we can handle any demand.

Other services:

  • Personalized transfers (pickups at / from stations, airfields).
  • Shuttle service to / from private flights.
  • Licensed cars with insurance for passengers and luggage.
  • Certified drivers
  • Personalized city tours
  • Transportation for company parties, weddings, etc.
  • Business trips.
  • Transport of employees to / from the workplace.
  • Excursions and educational tours for: schools, universities, religious groups, etc.

We can also offer short-term rental cars, minibuses and coaches. We can take touristic or business groups from train stations with licensed cars, certified drivers and up-to-date insurance for the goods transported. For tourists we also offer personalized tours of visited cities on demand. Our cars will also be available for transportation of employees to the company and back in the city or for the tours organized by schools in Constanta for domestic and international destinations. All services are in accordance with the highest European standards.

From our perspective, the quality of our services implies:

  • Let customers know as much as possible about all the services we offer.
  • Getting to the destination at the scheduled time, regardless of traffic problems.
  • We transport people safely, with the most professional drivers.
  • We assist in loading and unloading passengers’s luggage.
  • Ensure transport under the promise of comfort throughout the journey.
  • Air conditioning, microphone, listening to audio cassettes, watching video cassettes, mobile phone access in case of emergency.
  • Ensure both people and luggage throughout the journey in the event of an accident, theft or loss of luggage.
  • Promptly solve any technical problems that may arise during the journey.